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2013 Hot List Workshops

2013 Hot List Month

Free Fittings on all of our 2013 Hot List Equipment

Weekly Workshops designed to educate you on the latest technology

Workshop 1


Feb. 8 - Feb. 17

Workshop 2

Distance Control

Feb. 18 - Feb. 24

Workshop 3

Short Game

Feb. 25 - March 3


Workshop 1   Feb. 8-10 & Feb. 15-17, 11AM-12PM & 3-4PM



Turning Stock Clubs into Custom Drivers

  • Benefits of adjustable drivers
  • Learn to adjust your driver to different course conditions
  • Get fit for the driver that improves your game
  • How to build your bag with all new technology

Workshop 2   Feb. 22 - Feb. 24, 11AM-12PM & 3-4PM

Distance Control


Longer Carry, Straighter Ball Flight, More G.I.R.

  • Gain control of your distance: Learn which head designs will lower your scores and see how getting fit improves your center face impact and control
  • Hybrids or Irons: Which is right for you?
  • Set Make Up: How many fairway woods / hybrids should you have in your bag?
  • Gapping: How to gap both woods and wedges

Workshop 3   March 1-3, 11AM-12PM & 3-4PM

Short Game


Match Your Clubs to the Conditions
for Lower Scores

  • When to putt, pitch or chip, and how to do it
  • Putting: Simple tips to eliminate 3-putts
  • Belly/Long Putters: What the new rule means

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