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Golf Grips: Benefit Of Regripping

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Golf Grips for Better Play and Feel

Prevent slippage and boost confidence with a new golf grip.

Choose from a wide selection of top-selling grips to match your needs. From various sizes to different materials, each grip is constructed to help your golf swing.

Consider regripping your golf clubs once a year or after 40 rounds of play. Heat, dirt and oils from your hands naturally wear down your grips—even the best golf grips age. Smooth, hard spots; wear spots or finger indentions; cracks; insufficient tack; or a slipping feeling during your swing are all signs you need a new grip.

The traction of a fresh grip allows you to hold the club lightly without the subconscious fear of losing the club during your swing. With a new grip, experience proper swing mechanics and wrist action while in a relaxed state.

Shop top golf grip brands such as Golf Pride, PING, Winn, Lamkin, SuperStroke, TaylorMade, Callaway, Odyssey, Boccieri Golf, GolfWorks and Tiger Shark.

Golf Galaxy offers professional grip installation at all golf store locations. Whether you need to regrip one club or your entire set, the skilled Certified Club Technicians put you back on the course in no time.

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