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Custom Fitting Services

At Golf Galaxy we believe the only proper approach to club fitting is through state-of-the art club fitting technology and highly trained, PGA professionals and Maltby Certified Fitting Experts. For a quality fitting experience visit the Golf Galaxy retail store nearest you.

Certified Fitting

certified fitting systems

Maltby Certified Fitting is your gateway to game improvement at the hands of highly trained experts that know how to blend both the art and science of fitting golf equipment to you, the golfer.

Who are Maltby Certified Experts?
• Masters of the right and left brain, that’s who. They are experts of the art and science of golf equipment fitting. Maltby Certified Fitting Experts have been extensively trained and tested in all aspects of the Maltby Certified Fitting Methods created by industry guru, Ralph Maltby. The certification includes advanced training on ball launch monitor dynamics and driver fitting as well as golf ball, iron, wedge and putter fitting.
Where can I find a Maltby Certified Fitting Expert?
• Certified Fitting Experts can be found in every Golf Galaxy retail store.
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FREE Iron Fitting Services

Iron Fitting

A standard club fitting service is included with the purchase of any set of clubs. This fitting includes lie angle (irons only), length, grip size, and shaft flex. The service is free with any club set purchase - any additional modifications (such as lie angle adjustments, shaft or grip installation or length adjustments) are at an additional cost.

Different wedges have different bounce angles, sole radius, lofts, and lies. Which one is right for you? Find out everything you need to know about choosing the perfect wedge and have it fit to you by a Certified Fitting Expert.

Puchasing your irons online at No Problem. Just bring in your receipt to a local Golf Galaxy store, and a Certified Fitting Expert will fit you at no extra charge.

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Ball Launch Monitor Fitting Services

Ball Launch Monitor Fitting

This is an in-depth analysis using state-of-the-art Doppler radar technology. Our technology measures finite characteristics of your launch conditions (such as spin rate, launch angle and ball speed) in order to optimize your distance and control. Your PGA Professional or Certified Fitting Expert will precisely match equipment (driver, golf ball or both) to your specific launch conditions to maximize distance and control.
Ball Launch Monitor Fitting Services 

Ball Fitting Services

Ball Fitting

Are you playing the right golf ball? Find the right golf ball for your game using our Ball Fitting System, exclusively. A ball fitting will analyze your swing to recommend the golf ball that will give you optimum distance and accuracy.
Ball Fitting Services 

Putter Fitting Services

Putter Fitting

Stop missing putts due to a putter that doesn't fit you. Have your putter fit using the Dynamic Putter Fitting System exclusively. A putter fitting will test for correct putter length, lie, loft, swing weight, and putter head design.
Putter Fitting Services