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The Best Golf Balls for Your Game


Pick from dozens of golf balls to find the best golf balls to match your game.

Choose from 2-piece construction all the way up to 6-piece construction to fine-tune your spin so you can stick even the smallest of greens.

Browse golf balls from the best brands in the game, including Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Nike, Srixon, Wilson, Maxfli and Bridgestone golf balls.

Consider personalized men’s golf balls so you can add a name, monogram or message. Customized golf balls make a great golf gifts for your favorite golfer.

In addition to classic white, select from balls in yellow, orange or green to add a splash of color to your golf game.

Buying Tips

Decide the performance features you want to add to your game. Look for golf balls for men that give you more ball speed, carry, control, distance or feel.

Determine what core construction fits your game. A 2-piece is a harder, faster, more durable ball. Get lower spin off the tee for increased distance and more spin around the green for better control with 3-piece construction. If you have higher swing speeds, consider a 4-piece, 5-piece or 6-piece ball. Balls with three to five middle layers and an extremely thin cover give you softer feel and higher spin rates for superior stopping power.

Expert Advice

Golf balls for men have different cover materials.

  • Surlyn is extremely durable and is used in many golf ball covers.
  • Urethane is softer than surlyn and offers greater feel and control.
  • Ionomer which is similar to urethane, results in great distance with less greenside spin ability. However, ionomer covers are a bit harder.
  • Try iothane for if you need an exceptionally soft, yet durable ball. Iothane covers produce speed for greater distance and touch around the green.
  • Built with a unique blend of materials, trionomer maximizes balls speed and promotes lower driver spin for longer, straighter drives.