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Improve Your Swing With Golf Training Aids


Stop spending countless hours on the range trying to correct a flaw. Identify and correct the problem with the help of golf training aids.

Just set up, record and analyze. It’s that easy.

Choose between a variety of golf swing analyzers, a launch monitor or golf simulator. Get the golf swing training aids for the shot you’re working on. Some are compatible with metalwoods and irons, while others are especially designed for putters.

Expect top quality from brands like 3Bays, SkyCaddie, Sony, Swingbyte, SwingShot, SwingTIP and OptiShot.

Buying Tips

Get real-time swing data on your phone with golf swing analyzers. Be sure you select golf training aids that are compatible with your phone’s mobile operating systems, such as Apple iOS or Google’s Android.

Practice in the comfort of your home, garage or office with a golf simulator. Enjoy a virtual round of golf with your friends, family or by yourself. Pick from exclusive golf courses to simulate.

Try a digital golf assistant device to discover the distance and speed of the ball on each shot during your next round. The device analyzes performance data by shot or club with a downloadable app.

Expert Advice

Analyze the battery life, device placement and club compatibility of the swing analyzers you’re interested in.

Don’t run out of battery mid-practice session. Study the battery capabilities. Choose a device with a sleep mode to conserve batter power when not in use.

Some swing analyzers are compatible with all golf clubs and some are not. Depending on the particular swing you want to work on, select an analyzer with the corresponding club. Most swing analyzers are made for metalwoods and irons, others are specifically made to help you improve your putt.

Each device requires a different placement location. Depending on the device, place it on your grip, club shaft, golf glove or practice mat. Make sure the location is non-intrusive and the swing analyzer is lightweight so it does interfere with your swing.