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fittingIcon_driverDriver Fitting is a detailed process that ensures the golfer will be using the proper driver, with the proper specifications for their unique swing characteristics. Only with a properly fit driver can any player realize their potential off the tee. Driver Fitting involves the customization of all the major aspects of a driver that can affect the playability, feel and overall performance of the driver. Length is fit to optimize the best combination of consistency and distance. The best loft choice is determined to maximize launch angle and spin, key ingredients to optimizing distance. Shaft flex and type are determined to optimize trajectory, distance and feel. Grip size, style and type are customized improving shot consistency and provide the player with the comfort, security and feel they desire from address through impact. Another variable that is addressed is the Face Angle which optimizes directional control and weight (club weight and swing weight) to improve the overall feel and balance of the driver.

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pro_imgFrom Our Pros
In my experience, when it comes to driving the ball, the most common mistake made by the Amateur golfer is not finding the proper fit when purchasing a new driver. It’s garbage in, garbage out. If you want to achieve consistency in your driving accuracy and distance, then you have to start with a properly fitted driver. You’ll trust it, swing easier and love the results.

Christian Elleo, PGA Professional East Hanover, NJ Store

Our number one priority is to fit you with a driver that you will crush while landing the ball in the fairway 14 times per round. We carry all the best drivers with the latest in materials, technology and adjustability. Our PGA/LPGA Pros match your swing to the best technology to make it the perfect driver, just for you.

The feeling of the nutted drive is a feeling like no other. If distance is your desire, many factors have an impact on which driver will let you take it deep. A proper fitting shows you the differences in important elements like loft, shaft, weight, launch angle, spin rate and clubhead speed. Dial these in properly, launch it over the corner.


For a lot of people, optimization is synonymous with adjustability. And many of the latest drivers have incredible options for adjustment - from face angle, to shot shape, to loft. That’s part of the story. Weight and aerodynamics play an important role in optimizing a driver to your game. Our Pros take these factors into account when fitting you for your new driver, turning you into a fairway-finding machine.

  1. Clubhead Speed
    Clubhead speed is a critical factor in achieving distance. It’s a product of good swing tempo, balance, shaft weight, flex, aerodynamics and weight distribution. More clubhead speed means higher ball speeds, and that means longer drives. We match the driver to your swing and find extra ticks of clubhead speed for those few extra coveted yards.
  2. Spin Rate
    Our fitters understand the role spin plays in distance maximization. Those with a lower clubhead speed need a higher spin rate to keep the ball in the air. Those with a higher clubhead speed send the ball screaming through the air, and a lower spin rate is needed for you to launch it properly. Our Pros take spin rate into account during the customization process, ensuring that your ball flies far.
  3. Launch Angle
    Launch angle is impacted by shaft characteristics, the loft of the club, and even the impact zone on the clubface. All of which can be influenced by your swing. Through the use of launch monitoring during the driver fitting process we make sure that your ball flight realizes its distance potential.

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