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Women's Golf Shoes

Women’s Golf Shoes for a Great Fit & Feel


Gain maximum comfort without sacrificing style. Discover the perfect pair of women’s golf shoes for your game at Golf Galaxy.

Get classic traction and the ability to replace individual plastic spikes with the women's spiked golf shoe collection. Choose a more contemporary shoe that can be worn from the green to the gravel when you select a spikeless golf shoe.

Match your new golf shoes with styles from our women's golf apparel collection. Shop women's shirts, shorts, skorts, outerwear and more.

Buying Tips

Find women’s golf shoes that match your personality. Choose classic looks in white, black or brown, or amp it up with sporty styles in bright pink, blue and metallics.

Select golf shoes for women from the best brands in the game, including FootJoy®, Nike®, ECCO®, PUMA®, adidas® and more.

Comfort is key. Select a pair of women’s golf shoes that will carry you from the front to the back nine with ease. Look for shoes that are lightweight and constructed with foam midsoles.

Bring more power to your swing. Look for low-profile designs with lateral stability to give you an advantage off the tee.

Shoes made from leather give you more durability. Look for shoes constructed from mesh and other breathable fabrics to keep your feet fresh, cool and dry.


Are golf shoes required to play golf?

Golf shoes are not required by all golf courses, however, it is strongly recommended that you wear golf shoes during play. By design, golf shoes are built to help golfers look, feel and play their best—from the first tee to the final putt.

From a looks perspective, golf shoe manufacturers produce a wide range of styles that fit many player profiles—from casual to athletic, from traditional to fashion-forward.

What should I look for in a pair of golf shoes?

A round of golf places various demands on your feet, and manufacturers place a high importance on feel when constructing their products. Uppers can feature a leather construction for shape consistency, support and weather protection, or a mesh/synthetic construction for range of motion and ventilation during warm weather. Insoles and midsoles are meticulously designed to provide underfoot support through the stroke and shock absorption with each step. Wearing proper golf shoes ensures your feet remain comfortable based on the demands you are placing on them during play.

Performance is paramount in golf shoe design, and the golfer’s ability to maintain balance and grip is key to performing well on the course. Spiked and spikeless outsoles are engineered to help golfers maintain a solid foundation on terrain commonly found on a golf course. Golfers who wear sneakers may notice slipping or unsure footing on the course, which leads to a loss of balance and lack of shot control.

What is the difference between spiked and spikeless golf shoes?

The difference between spiked and spikeless golf shoes lies purely in the design of the outsole. Spikeless golf shoes feature a series of built-in traction lugs placed in key areas on the outsole in order to provide grip and maximize balance through the stroke. Since the lugs are built into the actual outsole, golfers notice a more grounded feel, similar to the feel of a standard sneaker. This style of golf shoe is ideal for golfers who commonly play in firm/dry conditions and require on/off course versatility.

Spiked golf shoes have outsoles that combine built-in traction lugs with protruding, interchangeable spikes. These strategically-placed spikes are constructed of a soft plastic material and provide multi-directional traction and stability through the stroke. Since the spikes protrude from the outsole, golfers may notice a slightly elevated feel. This style of golf shoe is ideal for golfers who play in varying turf conditions and require superior grip on any terrain.

Which shoes are better for beginners—spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

Beginners may be best served by spiked golf shoes. Spiked golf shoes provide a solid foundation—a crucial element of a successful golf swing. Spiked golf shoes should eliminate the slipping and excess shifting that can disrupt a beginner’s developing swing.