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Elevate Your Game With Golf Rangefinders and GPS Devices


Play your best with new golf technology.

An easy way to gain confidence and precision on the course is to add golf rangefinders or golf GPS devices to your bag.

Get pinpoint accuracy in one click with golf rangefinders. Just point and shoot; it fires an invisible laser from the device to your target to determine precise yardage and slope.

Handheld GPS devices are packed with thousands of preloaded golf courses to give you instant access to yardage to help you lower scores and create faster, more enjoyable rounds.

Buying Tips

Decide if golf rangefinders or handheld golf GPS units are better for you.

Laser rangefinders offer precise distances to targets that are accurate within a few yards. When comparing rangefinders, determine the range, accuracy, slope measuring abilities, magnification, water resistance and battery power you need for your game.

Golf GPS devices give you instant access to yardage to preloaded golf courses, easy-to-read screens and rechargeable batteries. Analyze your device’s course availability, course imagery, display screen, weather resistance, subscription fees and battery life.

Expert Advice

Nothing’s worse than running out of power hallway through your round – especially when you’re going for the green. Determine the battery life you want in your golf electronics. Rangefinders run off disposable batteries, which you can store in your golf bag.

GPS devices are rechargeable. With enough battery power to last at least two full rounds, you’re covered when you want to sneak in another nine holes.

Depending on your golfing habits, consider a GPS unit with or without annual fees. Units with fees offer special perks and discounts to members.