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Big Bertha from Callaway

Big Bertha is back. And she's a lot meaner.

The new Big Bertha Driver is so revolutionary, it deserves to carry the most legendary name in golf. It's faster, more robust, with our new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for maximum distance from a total performance driver. Don't just take our word for it. Go hit it. You'll see.

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Everything Callaway learned about adjustable drivers (and that's a lot) has led to the Big Bertha Alpha. It's a total performance package of maximum distance, and….it's the most advanced driver anyone's ever made. When you take the revolutionary new Gravity Core, enhance it with Moveable Weight, and dial in the Advanced Adjustable Hosel, you'll be longer than you've ever been.

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Callaway Brings Back Big Bertha

After years of waiting, Callaway's Big Bertha will make her return.

This time, the Big Bertha golf clubs will come in two models—a standard Big Bertha and a Big Bertha Alpha.

No matter your handicap, the Big Bertha driver is guaranteed to help your performance. The new and improved golf club features a sliding weight on the extreme perimeter of the driver and a center of gravity that is characterized as farther back from the face, as well as a higher moment of inertia or stability on off-center hits.

The center of gravity is more forward on the Alpha, and can be changed not only in a horizontal direction – but also vertically. Callaway calls it the most flexible fitting platform ever devised. Reach launch conditions you never knew you could.

Both drivers feature an eight-way adjustable hosel. Change the loft to one of four settings with the dual-ring design. Customize your lie angle settings to neutral or draw.

Expect longer drives more consistently with the new Hyper Speed Face. The design is 10 percent lighter, eight percent larger and more robust than ever. Perfectly complementing the designs, each club features Mitsubishi Fubuki shafts—commonly played with on the PGA Tour.