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Big Bertha Alpha

Big Bertha Alpha. Control Gravity. Maximize Distance.

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Everything Callaway learned about adjustable drivers (and that's a lot) has led to the Big Bertha Alpha. It's a total performance package of maximum distance, and….it's the most advanced driver anyone's ever made. When you take the revolutionary new Gravity Core, enhance it with Moveable Weight, and dial in the Advanced Adjustable Hosel, you'll be longer than you've ever been.

Gravity Control Adjustability
Here's the breakdown:

  • For the first time ever, the Gravity Core lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle, so you get completely optimized ball flights and longer distance. Whatever you want, anything from an extreme low spin driver to a more total performance, mid-low spin driver, you can have it. That's the Gravity Core at work.
  • Together with the adjustable hosel, players now have an added dimension of adjustability to optimize launch angle. So now you get EVEN MORE ball speed and distance.
  • Dial in your preferred directional bias with the adjustable weights, enhancing a Draw or Neutral shot shape for more accuracy. Whatever flight you want, Big Bertha Alpha can give it to you.

Hyper Speed Face

A revolutionary new face design that's 8% larger, and more robust than ever to increase ball speeds across the face. Expect longer drives, more consistently.


New Advanced Adjustable Hosel Technology

Increase or decrease your loft (up to +2° or down -1°) and adjust Draw or Neutral bias, optimizing your launch, backspin and dialing in your preferred shot shape. In a few clicks, you'll be fit for maximizing your distance with more accuracy.


Forged Composite

A high strength, lightweight crown that improbably weighs only 8 grams. And by saving weight in the crown we get: Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, a deeper CG for more forgiveness, and low spin with a lighter, more preferred swing weight. And because you get all this, it's pretty clear that when you add more adjustability to a driver, you've got to have Forged Composite.


Introducing Big Bertha Alpha—The Most Flexible Fitting Platform Ever Devised

Along with the standard Big Bertha version, Callaway introduces the Big Bertha Alpha golf driver.

Discover the innovative technology this new Alpha golf club contains. Most importantly, check out the Alpha's Gravity Core. Tucked inside the sole, the Alpha allows you to adjust spin independently of launch angle.

The Gravity Core sits inside the club's head in a carbon tube that connects to the crown and sole. It has a tungsten end and a lightweight glass fiber-reinforced body weighing just 1.5 grams.

When the tungsten end is closest to the sole, the driver has a lower center of gravity with lower backspin, producing a flatter, more penetrating flight.

When the tungsten weight end is inserted first into the new Gravity Core, closer to the crown, the driver will have a mid-center of gravity, producing a high ball flight with less rollout.

In addition, make adjustments to the center of gravity bias using weight ports in the heel and toe of the Big Bertha Alpha. With four interchangeable weights—one gram, three grams, five grams and seven grams—you can move the weight around to produce a draw or a fade. You can also adjust the swing weight from D0 to D5 with the four interchangeable screws.

To complement the adjustability options, the Big Bertha Alpha comes with Callaway's adjustable OptiFit hosel, allowing you to adjust the loft and lie.

Similar to the standard Big Bertha driver, the Big Bertha Alpha features an incredibly forgiving Hyper Speed Face. Expect longer driver, more consistently.