Custom Fitting Services: Ball Fitting

Find the Best Golf Ball For Your Game

Golf Ball Fitting

A Certified Fitting Specialist will use a state-of-the-art high-speed Ball Launch Monitor (BLM) to measure your swing, and use our new, exclusive Ball Fitting software to precisely match the ball to your specific launch conditions to maximum distance and accuracy.


Get Fit for Your Driver AND Golf Ball

A Certified Fitting Specialist will help you find the right driver for your game using a state-of-the-art Ball Launch Monitor. Additionally, your BLM analysis will be run through the Ball Fitting software, to help you find the optimum combination of golf ball and driver for your game.


What You'll Get


Select your desired mix of distance and accuracy to find the optimum ball for your game!

After your ball fitting session, you will receive reports outlining which specific golf balls give you the best distance, accuracy, ball speed, launch angle, and spin.


How our Ball Fitting Software was Created


The data base behind the ball software was created through thousands of hours of ballistic and aerodynamic testing and is the most extensive golf ball performance database available.* The data was collected using phased array radar technology and high speed camera technology, with all distance an accuracy data verified through actual field measurements, making the data dead on accurate. Every possible launch angle and spin rate were created in the testing, so no matter what your ball speed or launch angle is, the software will recommend a best ball for you.

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*All golf ball testing was executed by a third party.