Specifications Loft Lie Length Swing Weight
4 Iron 23° 60.0° 38.25" D0
5 Iron 26° 60.75° 37.75" D0
6 Iron 29° 61.5° 37.25" D0
7 Iron 32° 62.25° 36.75" D0
8 Iron 36° 63.0° 36.25" D0
9 Iron 40° 63.75° 35.75" D0
PW 45° 64.0° 35.5" D0
UW 50° 64.0° 35.5" D2

What's Your PING Color Code?

PING irons are available in a variety of different Color Codes (lie angles) to fit golfers of varying sizes, swing tendencies and ball-flight preferences. Color Codes range from "Extremely Upright" to "Extremely Flat."

The Importance of Color Code (Lie Angle)

Establishing the most effective Color Code is very important as it can impact direction. Clubs that are too upright may cause a golfer to draw, hook or pull the ball; while clubs that are too flat may cause the golfer to fade, slice or push teh ball. Discover your PING Color Code and "Play Your Best."

Color Codes Explained

As previously explained, each Color Code aligns with a particular club design (flat versus upright). Please see the following list for additional details regarding the benefits each Color provides.