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Offer valid only on purchase of the SLDR driver (430 and 460 cc) made at authorized TaylorMade U.S. retailers only. Original receipt required for refund. Purchase must be made between March 21, 2014 and June 1, 2014. Return must occur within 30 days of purchase. If you purchased your driver online from an authorized TaylorMade retailer, TaylorMade will not reimburse original shipping and handling costs. Call 1-855-711-5683 or go to for information on the return process. TaylorMade will send you a check within 12 weeks. REFUND LIMITED TO PURCHASE PRICE PAID AND EXCLUDES ALL TAXES. Only one return per U.S. mailing address. Driver claim based on robot testing of 9.5 drivers in neutral setting at approximately 150 mph ball speed.

The Reign Of Loft Has Begun

When TaylorMade developed SLDR, their easiest-to-adjust driver ever,
they didn't expect it to change the rules of distance. Yet it did.

Maximum yardage comes from combining high launch, low spin and fast ball speed. SLDR's CG location is low-and-forward, a monumental shift in metalwood thinking. For decades it has been accepted that a low-and-back CG is best. Moving the CG forward promotes faster ball speed and lower spin. And in order to get the most distance from SLDR, you have to change the way you think about loft. Try lofting up yourself to see just how much it will benefit your game. You'll be blown away.

SLDR Drivers

FACT: High Launch + Low Spin+ More Loft = More Distance

SLDR maximizes distance for all golfers

  • Low forward CG makes SLDR our lowest spinning driver ever
  • SLDR unlocks that distance by enabling the golfer to hit the ball higher with less spin – WHEN THEY ADD LOFT
  • SLDR can help all golfers get closer to the ideal launch conditions of 17°/1700rpm
  • All golfers can achieve distance gains w/out changing their swing or ball speed


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SLDR Fairway and Rescue

SLDR Fairway

SLDR Rescue

  • Exceptionally low and forward CG location promotes faster ball speed and lower spin
  • Speed Pocket technology and shallow face combine for easy launch and playability with sustained speed of the face
  • TaylorMade Loft-Sleeve technology allows +/- 1.5 degrees of loft change

SLDR Fairway

SLDR Rescue

  • New cut-through Speed Pocket flexes with more efficiency
  • Improved Speed Pocket design promotes increased ball speed

SLDR Fairway

SLDR Rescue

  • Improved Speed Pocket design allows futher forward CG
    for increased ball speed

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Get More Distance With TaylorMade SLDR Drivers, Fairway Woods & Rescues

Discover the distance you're capable of hitting with TaylorMade SLDR golf clubs.

The SLDR Drivers, SLDR Fairway Woods and SLDR Rescues help you attain maximum yardage by combining high launch, low spin and fast ball speed—without changing your swing.

TaylorMade engineers accomplish the task by changing the center of gravity, which is now low and forward. Experience less spin and faster balls speeds.

Easily fine-tune your SLDR golf clubs with TaylorMade's Loft-Sleeve technology. Adjust your loft by 1.5 degrees for optimal launch conditions.

In addition, the SLDR Driver's new moveable weight makes it easier and more effective to personalize. Simply slide the weight toward the heel of the club to encourage a draw, or toward the toe to promote a fade.

The SLDR Fairway Wood and Rescue feature a revamped Speed Pocket. The smaller design increases how fast the face flexes at impact, creating faster initial ball speed across a wider portion of the face. A polymer cover keeps grass and dirt from getting caught in the channel.

Experience long distance on every shot with TaylorMade SLDR clubs at Golf Galaxy.