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WinnAs the pioneer of polymer golf grips, Winn constantly innovates to produce some of the most popular grips on the market. The comfortable, slip-resistant Winn golf grips enable you to lighten your grip pressure and extend your time on the course. Your tension-free swing ultimately produces better results on the scorecard.

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Discover Comfort and Tackiness in Winn Golf Grips

Take a rocket scientist, a passion for tennis and a really frustrating week of golf camp, and you have the history behind Winn grips.

Winn founder Dr. Ben Huang, literally a rocket scientist, designed tennis equipment before he personally found the need for better golf grips.

Soon after, Winn pioneered the use of polymer golf grips. Multiple polymer compounds are more comfortable and tackier than traditional rubber. Each polymer is formulated to achieve a different firmness, texture and weight to satisfy the individual needs of any golfer.

Try an ultra-tacky grip from the new Dri-Tac series. The WinnDry polymer material combines comfort with exceptional non-slip action.

Select from a wide Winn selection of designs and colors at Golf Galaxy.